About us |

We are an avant-garde company, with a long history and extensive experience in the security sector with the latest technology, which guarantees total national and international coverage, composed of excellent professionals prepared for the highest demands, with exceptional physical and psychic preparation for situations of greater stress.

The experience accumulated in the sector in the years that the company has been developing Security activities, as well as the extensive and specialized training of the staff that composes it, allows us to offer the best solutions to the needs required by our customers, adopting the measures and guidelines of management adjusted to each specific case, prioritizing the quality in the execution of our services.

Our staff, mens and womans, not only has excellent training acquired in the best elite units in the field of security worldwide, but it is extended not only with the experience of the excellent services that are being performed worldwide, but with the maintenance and specialization courses that are developed throughout the year, thereby guaranteeing additional training that guarantees a service with the level of quality required by our customers, providing them with effectiveness and maximum diligence and discretion.

All the staff have an autonomous equipment for transmisions, just as the means for every kind of situation that requires more specific or specialized equipment.

* We have female team units.

Our mission |

Ensuring your integrity with total discretion is our top priority.

To do this, we provide services that meet your needs, with the latest and most sophisticated material and personal resources, interfering with the minimum essential in the activities of our customers.

Services |

Performed throughout the world, our security services are reserved for high personal security, being carried out by highly qualified armed professionals, who give discretion and a trustworthy service, with extensive experience in protecting people as heads of state, senior government positions, dignitaries of state, high-level entrepreneurs, and others.

Vehicles |

Mercedes Benz vehicles of the latest generation and higher range, with the option of using other vehicles adapted to the country or needs of the specific service to be performed, always giving priority to the best suitability for the provision of services with the highest level of efficiency and diligence.

The fleet of vehicles is treated with ozone for a complete cleansing.

Contacto |

tel+34 692 222 012